Student Runner

If you are a 6th-12th grade student who lives or attends school in Camden, you are eligible to participate in I Run This City.

  • Meet other amazing youth from all over the city
  • Take on an impressive challenge with the support of an adult mentor
  • Learn the life sport of running
  • Become part of a movement of positive youth development
  • Participate in training 3-4 times/week, fun summer events, leadership development and academic enrichmen

What Students Say

"At the beginning, if I could finish a mile I was so proud. I got it and I called my mom: 'Mom, I ran a mile!' Every light post was my short-term goal. If I got to this light post I'd be like, 'Yes, next light post!' I just stayed with it. You never think you can run 10 miles. When I first finished it and everybody was there with me, it was just like, 'Wow!'"
- Alumna

Interested in becoming a MENTOR?

I Run This City mentors, also called running leaders, provide ongoing mentorship, support, & training for our students. They are truly the soul of the I Run This City program. Adults over 21 with a heart for mentorship and the ability to make a significant time commitment should consider becoming running leaders. Running experience is helpful but not required. Running leaders may start teams of their own or may join teams that need support.

Mentor (Running Leader)

  • Lead 2-3 practices a week for 9 months
  • Become part of a movement of positive youth development
  • Attend mandatory Running Leader training 
  • Attend Running Leader workshops

Race Partners